Adult Development

A quick overview on what is availble.

Welcome to to the Adult Development and Training pages of our County’s website. I’m Chris Nagle, the Country Training Manager (CTM). In my role I am responsible for the management of all aspects of the training and learning process for adults within the county. This not only includes the provision of appropriate training and the necessary support structures but also the personnel  involved (our Adult Development Active Support Unit).  It is also my responsibility to  recommendation the award of wood badges.  

Important notice:

From July 2021, we are re-introducing face to face training – but some sessions will still be available via zoom.  Please keep an eye out for Training Updates and North Circular for further advice and information or look through Training events / bookings Upcoming Training

Training for adults

Adult volunteers are at the heart of Scouting, and it is important to remember that Scouting is not only about young people, but very much about the development of adults within the Movement.
To support adults in Scouting, the Scout Association provides a comprehensive programme of training that builds on existing skills and knowledge and so develops new competencies. For some appointments – this training leads to the Wood Badge, but this should never be seen as the end of the road!

The Adult Training Scheme

The Adult Training Scheme offers great flexibility to learners in how they learn and how they validate their learning. We are convinced that Adult Training is as much about motivation and empowerment as it is about learning.
We believe in the impact of a good training course and we hope that part of your training will be spent over a full day or a weekend. We have known for many years that participants learn as much from their peers on such courses, as from the trainers!
We also believe that good adult training provides the best foundation on which to build further experience and success. Foundations always need to go in first, so don’t put off getting your training underway!   
We recommend that you down load and file (rather than print) a PDF copy of  the  Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders
You can use this document to help you identified, with your training adviser, the specific learning you require in your personal learning plan. You can then look out for the training opportunities on offer under Training Events /Bookings and book your free place.
Please remember that any adult in Scouting can attend our training courses, Members of  Executive Committees, or Section Assistants are particularly encouraged, if they wish to better understand their role.
If you have completed your own training, please encourage and support those who are still working through theirs by becoming a Training Adviser

Confused about Adult Training

Getting started

The Journey Begins, The induction process and the Early Modules.

Section Leader Training

For Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders (and anyone else!). We have refreshed our approach to Section Leader Wood Badge training to make it easier for you to get the training you need.

Managers and Supporters Training

We’ve introduced the new training provision for Managers and Supporters in Scouting.

Mandatory Training

This section takes you through all the mandatory training you need to be a volunteer with the Scouts.

Can’t be doing with Zoom!

What are the alternatives?

Governance Roles 

Training for Trustees on Executive Committies

Training Advisers

This section includes resourses for Training Advisers.

Zooming around the London Region

Other Counties offering Zoom training in London (and beyond).


First Response (Modules 10A & 10B)


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls