Governance Roles: Training for Trustees on Executive Committees.

Trustee Introduction requirements

If you have taken on a governance role (that is become a member of a Group, District or County Executive) since 15th September 2020, you will need to complete the Trustee Introduction training, within the first 5 months of the role start date on Compass.

If you are already a member of the Executive Committee, and have completed Essential Information for Executive Committee members (01EX), it is strongly recommended, but not required, that you complete the Trustee Introduction training, as it will help you to ensure you fully understand the role, can support other members of the executive appropriately and keep you updated with current policy.

All members of Executive Committees (including Section Leaders who have opted-in to a Group Executive Committee) are required to complete the new Trustee Introduction, Safety and Safeguarding training if they have not already completed Essential Information for Executive Committee (01EX).

If you have completed Essential Information (01EX) and have in date Safety and Safeguarding mandatory ongoing learning then, it is strongly recommended, but not required, that you complete the updated Essential Information, Safety or Safeguarding training, but you will need to complete Trustee Introduction training by 31 September 2021.

In summery – changes since 15th September 2020

Training Obligations 

In the first 5 months you must complete the learning and validation for:

Mandatory Ongoing Learning 

You will need to renew your Safety and Safeguarding training every 3 years.

More information is available on the changes to Compass as a result of these changes to training requirements.

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