Outdoor & Adventure: An Introduction to the Permit Scheme. 03/30

Date: 30th March 2020 Between: 7:45 pm - 10:00 pm Location: Scout Park Activity Centre (Training Building)

Outdoor and adventure is a core part of the Scouting Programme. It’s about young people trying new things, getting out of their comfort zone and learning valuable skills for life. It helps young people develop greater wellbeing, independence and resilience.
One of the biggest barriers to young people accessing the outdoor and adventure programme is leader teams not understanding what they need to do in order to arrange specific activities.

This evening’s workshop will explore the four steps of what we term out activity checklist and looks in detail at the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme, including the different types available.

We will have available during the evening, a number of Permit assessors, who will be able to explain the stages involved; from a position of general interest in a particular activity, to being able to lead or supervise young people participating safely in the activity.

We will look at the process of building personal skills and experience, through to the four areas that are assessed before a permit is issued.

We are keen that people leave with a plan of action on how to gain their required permit.

The evening will be of interest to any leader wanting to increase the ‘outdoor and adventure’ element of their programme; to any GSLs seeking a better understand of the working of the Permit scheme, and to anyone (parent, occasional helper, leader) with a skill or interest in an adventurous activity – who would like to gain a Permit.

It would help us in planning the workshop if, when you book, you list the adventurous activity you are interested in under the section ‘additional requirements’

One of two workshops. The other is being run on Tuesday 31th March.

Scout Park Activity Centre (Training Building)

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls