First Response (Module 10a) Session 1: Life Support WITH (Module 10b) Practical.

Date: 9th May 2021 Between: 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm Location: Claremont Free Church, 167a Cheviot Gardens, NW2 1PY
First Response is a basic first aid training programme co-owned jointly by Girlguiding and the Scouts and available to members of both organisations. Within the syllabus and training plan Girlguiding and the Scouts have identified what content can be delivered online (via zoom) and what is required to be demonstrated.
Please note: This is NOT a zoom session. It is a 2 ½ hour course delivered OUTSIDE to a maximum of 5 people, appropriately socially distanced.
Module 10A covers the online learning of 1st Response and is split into three two-hour zoom sessions – 1) Life Support, 2) Major Illness, 3) Trauma and Injury. (These three can be done in any order)
Module 10B is the practical demonstration of specific parts of the Life Support section.
Module 10A: Session 1 – Life support.  This covers:
  • An introduction to the theory and the practical sides of the life support topics of first aid including the following:
  1. Safe Approach
  2. Primary Survey and ABC assessment
  3.  Adult CPR
  4. Child CPR
  5.  AED
  6. Choking
  7. Unresponsiveness
  8. Recovery position
Module 10B requires you know and can demonstrate (or instruct a trainer) your skill in performing the following:
  1. approach to and assessment of scene / incident.
  2. CPR for an adult.
  3. CPR for a child.
When you first join as an adult volunteer, many roles require you to undertake a minimum level of first aid training (for some as part of your Wood Badge.)  Once completed, you will need to keep your first aid current, through attending training every three years.
What if I have a current First Aid certificate – do I still need to do 1st Response?  Possibly not. We have provided the list of requirements of 1st Response training.  If you have recently done a course which meets these requirements, (or most of them) then you simply need to offer this as evidence to your Local Training Manager (LTM) or Training Adviser.  For your Local Training Manager CLICK HERE   For more online information about 1st Response CLICK HERE
The syllabus has recently been adapted and now focused on conditions where prompt recognition and/or life-saving treatment is required. In addition, some conditions have been included because they occur most frequently on incident/accident reports submitted to both the Scouts and Girlguiding.
Our trainers will add some additional content not listed on the syllabus and this will be made clear to participants and will not detract from the core syllabus and training plan.
Further joining information will be sent to you two days before the session. 

Claremont Free Church, 167a Cheviot Gardens, NW2 1PY

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