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Safeguarding Resources

Below are links to resources and factsheets covering the Scout Association’s policy and guidance on safeguarding, health and life issues. These are gathered here for easy reference, but are all available on the Scout Association site –

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Child Protection Procedures

Click here for details about the yellow card, what happens if, and DC’s procedures.

Click here to download the yellow card

Click here to download the orange card for Young Leaders

‘Safe and Sound’ leaflet for parents (particularly parents of new youth members) View Safe and Sound leaflet (PDF)

There have been concerns about the risks to young people when their photographs are used on websites and in publications, however, in most cases, following a few simple guidelines will make the taking and use of photographs for Scouting a straightforward matter. View Photographing and video recording at Scouting events (FS295428) (Word document)

The factsheets below contain advice on safe and careful use of social networking sites, text messaging and email.

View Social networking sites and Scouting (FS10311) (PDF)

View E-mails and text messaging guidance for leaders (FS330086) (PDF)

See also County Guidelines on Social Networking

 Scouting and Health

Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Abuse

Legal and illegal drugs can cause problems in Scouting, and alcohol in particular raises a number of issues, both for young people and for adult leaders.

The factsheets below deal with resources for dealing with substance abuse and misuse, and the questions that alcohol might raise in a Scouting environment.

View Substance abuse and misuse: a resource list (FS310027) (PDF)

View Alcohol and Scouting (FS185092) (PDF)

The Right to Smoke-Free Scouting (FS320005)  (PDF)  – This factsheet looks at the issues that smoking raises in Scouting, both for adults and young people, and offers facts and guidance.

Promoting good sexual health

This factsheet aims to: clarify the role of adults in Scouting with regard to information about sexual health and young people; provide guidance, support and information to adults who may be approached by young people.

View Promoting good sexual health within Scouting (FS950000) (PDF)

Sexual health issues are an area in which leaders may feel uncomfortable or unprepared to deal with. Leaders should review the details on the Scout Association website so they are aware of the resources available and who to turn to if such issues arise. Scout Association Sexual Heath Pages


Self-harm describes a wide range of things that people do to themselves in a deliberate and sometimes hidden way. Self-harming is often a means of communicating what can’t be put into words or even thoughts and has been described as an ‘inner scream’.   View Self Harm (FS250059) (PDF)