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Ongoing Safety Training

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Currently, this training can only be completed online (it takes approximately 35 minutes) – click here to complete the training.


The Scout Association has introduced an ongoing training requirement for safety to sit alongside the ongoing training requirement for safeguarding. This is part of a package of work being delivered around safety, including updates to modules and the development of new supporting resources.  This will supplement and build on the training given in Module 1, so that adults have more confidence dealing with their safety-related responsibilities.

Which appointments does this rule apply to?

This training applies to those people required to complete ongoing safeguarding training (all those subject to an appointment review). Essentially, this means anyone who holds an appointment except for Scout Active Support Members and Executive Committee and Appointments Committee Members. The change also does not apply to Occasional Helpers, who are not required to undertake any training.


From 1 September 2013, all volunteers having an appointment review will be required to have completed some form of Scouting specific safety training (Module 1, 17, 23 or the ongoing safety training module).

If appointment holders have already done an external safety course they will still need to do the Scouting safety training  It is important that all adults understand safety in relation to their role in Scouting. Therefore all adults will be required to complete The Scout Association’s training in order to refresh their knowledge in this area at least every five years.


The training is available as a course, as a small group session or as e-learning (accessed at

On satisfactory completion the online course allows the user to print out a “Certificate of Completion”. If you are using the “On-Line Learning” can you please ensure you send a copy of the certificate to training[@] so that it can be included in your Training Record.

How long does this training take?

Adults using the e-learning can complete the training at their own pace. Training workshops would normally be expected to last about two hours.

Who will be responsible for ensuring that adults have completed the training?

Just as they would for First Response, for safeguarding training or for an up-to-date Disclosure check, the appointee’s Line Manager (Group Scout Leader, District Commissioner) will need to check that those they review have completed the training within the last five years. The Appointment Review Form will be amended to reflect this.

For further information or guidance please contact:-

County Training Manager – training[@]

Download this ONGOING SAFETY TRAINING letter to leaders