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Visits Abroad

If you are thinking of or you are planning a Visit Abroad you should read the Visits Abroad Factsheet which contains all the information you will need to support you in planning your visit. You can also contact the ACC International Katie Davis on for additional support.

When organising your trip you need to ensure you have sent your Visit Abroad (VA) Form to your District Commissioner three months before the visit for trips to Europe or six months before the visit for trips to the Rest of the World. To get details of the process and the timeframe involved see the GLN Visits Abroad Deadlines document.

If you are travelling within the UK but not on the mainland to places such as Guernsey or the Isle of Man you do not need to fill in a Visits Abroad Form however you need to submit a NAN form and evidence of additional insurance to the ACC International and your DC. The Unity Insurance Form is available here.

To access the Visit Abroad (VA) Form you need to fill in the Initial Visits Abroad Notification (IVAN) below. This will register that you are interested in organising a visit with the ACC International.

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